Examinations are an integral part of student learning at the Academy. Students are supported and prepared for all examinations appropriately. Our excellent reputation with the Awarding Bodies is maintained by our strict adherence to assessment processes and procedures.

Specific arrangements for students with individual needs can be put in place to ensure they can access an assessment. This will give them a level playing field in which to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding.

Examination Periods

External Examinations


Re-sit opportunities in Term 2 for Maths and English Language only.

  • Monday, 31 October – Friday, 4 November (inclusive)


Main external examinations begin:

  • Monday, 15 May – Friday, 30 June (inclusive)
  • Monday, 22 May – Friday, 26 May
  • Monday, 29 May – Friday, 2 June: Spring Bank Holiday Week – No examinations

Mock Examinations

These examinations are for students in Years 10 and 11.

Year 10

  • May 2017
    Monday, 8 May – Friday, 12 May

Latest Examination Timetable


We are unable to supply any individual examination dates until Provisional Exam Timetables are issued to students in February 2017.  Subsequently there will be a Final Individual Examination Timetable issued which will provide precise times and venues as these can vary on an individual basis.

The dates of the external examinations given on these pages are taken from the timetables published by the Awarding Bodies and as such the Academy cannot accept any liability for problems arising from errors or omissions of these dates.

Useful Links

Awarding Bodies

For the most up-to-date examination information follow the links above to the Awarding Body websites.

Entry to Examinations

  • The Academy dress code must be adhered to at ALL times.
  • Students should also arrive fully prepared and equipped at least 30 minutes before the start time of the examination. Any lateness can jeopardise their work being accepted by the Awarding Bodies.
  • If, prior to or on the day of any examination, a student feels that their work may be affected by ill health or any other reason, they must report this immediately to the Examination Officer. The student should NOT report to any exam room or invigilator they must always, in the first instance, speak to the Examination Officer.

Regulations & Guidance and Information for Candidates

  • It is the responsibility of all candidates to familiarise themselves with the contents of the Regulations and Guidance for Candidates Booklet.
  • Failure to abide by these Regulations could result in disqualification.

Examination Results

Our latest examination results are available to view online or download from our Examination Results page.

Results Days for Summer Examinations

Results day for Year 11 students will be:

  • Thursday, 24 August 2017 – 8.30 AM

Any student who is unable to collect their results on the appropriate date should make prior arrangements with the Examination Office in person or by email to shutchinson@lfatq.org.uk before the end of the Academic year (Friday, 21 July 2017).

Certificate Information

Examination Certificates

All students will be notified by post of the date that exam certificates can be collected from Reception. If students wish for certificates to be collected on their behalf, they must issue a letter giving permission for a specified person to collect the certificates. This letter must be given in at Reception at the time of collection.


Lost/Damaged/Misplaced Certificates

Unfortunately the Academy cannot deal with any requests for replacement certificates.

Students must apply direct to the appropriate Awarding Body. Details and costs can be found on the relevant websites via these links